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Wednesday, March 9, 2022   /   by Bell Home Team

Curb Appeal Ideas for Your Most Welcoming Home

First impressions do matter, especially in real estate: It's called curb appeal. Buyers might be less likely to check out the rest of a house if the outside is rundown or unattractive, or the porch décor is lacking. Even if the interiors are stunning, a house that lacks curb appeal will feel unwelcoming to guests and potential buyers alike.
You know curb appeal when you see it, and you definitely notice when it's lacking. Yet sometimes it's hard to pinpoint what exactly makes a particular house on the block so much more welcoming than the next. What you do need: color and contrast, balance, and good old-fashioned TLC.
Beyond what guests and neighbors have to say about the plants for the front of the house you've chosen, if you're looking to sell your house, a few quick, inexpensive changes to your home's exterior could help make the process easier for you, from being able to sell faster to adding more value to the asking price.

Paint Your Front Door
First on your to-do lise ...

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Monday, March 7, 2022   /   by Bell Home Team

Design Trend: Maximalism

It may be time to rethink minimalism. While minimalist enthusiasts encourage a bare-bones approach, the exact opposite is true of maximalism. See why many designers believe "bolder is better."
What Is Maximalism?
Maximalism is big, bright and bold. Say yes to cheetah print, Hollywood Regency furnishings, midcentury decor and everything in between. With maximalism, nothing is off the table.
While minimalists seek to pare down possessions and simplify design, maximalists want to create a space that speaks volumes in terms of personality. During its heyday in the 1960s and ’70s, this countermovement adopted a "more is more" approach to art and life.
Maximalism Vs. Minimalism
The opposite of minimalists, maximalists prefer ornate designs with a touch of the eccentric. Unlike the neutral color tones and matching furniture of the past, this lifestyle has a flair for the dramatic. Audacious patterns and colors are a direct reaction to minimalist enthusiasts who believe "less is mors ...

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Friday, March 4, 2022   /   by Bell Home Team

Easy Spring Cleaning Tips (For Those Who Hate Cleaning)

Like with running a marathon, spring cleaning sounds far more alluring in theory than it does in practice. Sure, the impending arrival of marginally bearable weather certainly makes us all want to better ourselves — and in turn, our spaces — but in reality, the very process of purging your home of dirt and clutter is no small undertaking. In fact, it’s a two-tiered process: Not only does your traditional spring cleaning journey require that you comb through all the excess stuff you’ve accumulated, but you’ll also have to actually clean.
For those of you who truly detest cleaning (we hear you), how do you enjoy the rewards of spring cleaning without perishing in the process? Here are a few efficient, low-effort tips for a good, proper spring cleaning session — designed for people who hate cleaning.

Use microfiber to dust & clean
Microfiber is a special kind of synthetic fiber that’s split into ultra-fine strands — and when they&9 ...

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Tuesday, March 1, 2022   /   by Bell Home Team

4 Easy Ways to Promote Peace of Mind & Positivity During Your Home Search

When you hear of a friend or family member buying a home, it sounds like a very wise thing to do—a savvy investment and a nice step to take in life. However, when roles are reversed and you are the prospective home buyer, you will quickly realize just how emotionally complex the process can be. After all, you aren’t just envisioning a place to rest your head. When you’re buying a home, you’re simultaneously imagining the memories you will make and evaluating how the layout will work for your lifestyle, whether the location is right and so on.
For many, the expense of buying a home is one of the major stressors. Further complicating matters for many house hunters around the country right now are record-low levels of inventory and record-high home prices. It’s worth remembering, though, that those numbers do not tell the full story. Mortgage rates remain low, and customizable homeowner insurance policies can go a long way toward keeping your budget in checkm ...

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Friday, February 18, 2022   /   by Bell Home Team

Tips for Selling Your House with Pets at Home

Home buyers and sellers are pet owners!
The majority of home buyers and sellers are pet owners, but surprisingly, a sign of a pet living in the home is not a selling point.
Sixty percent of sellers are people with pets, with 49 percent owning dogs, 33 percent owning cats, and 12 percent owning other pets. But buyers want to visualize themselves (and perhaps their own pets) living in the home, not you and yours.
So what’s a pet-owning home seller to do? Here are some tips on how to show your house in its very best light, without help from your furry friends. 

Tips for selling a house with pets
1. Remove all signs of pets
If you do your staging right, a potential buyer who tours your home shouldn’t even be able to tell a pet lives there. And remember, buyers will look everywhere, so just tucking your pet’s belongings in a closet won’t cut it.
2. Ensure marketing materials are pet-free
Just as you should remove all evidence of your pets before anm ...

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