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Wednesday, June 15, 2022   /   by Bell Home Team

Maintaining Common Backyard Items

With every new season, your backyard space is exposed to the elements. Through rain, snow, and heat, the items in that space can take a serious beating.
Maintaining and replacing the things in your backyard may not be fun, but it’s part of the responsibility of having a backyard, right? So look at it this way: Extra hours spent on upkeep will make you want to spend as much time as possible in your outdoor oasis.
“Many people tend to focus on their front yard for curb appeal and resale value, but the backyard is really where homeowners can have an extension of their home,” says Jeff Beck, CEO of Leaf Home. “Focusing on repairing and updating the spaces is a valuable investment in both time and money—be it replacing patio doors, refinishing a deck, or building out a patio.”
So just how long are the furnishings, fixtures, and tools in your backyard supposed to last?
Patio furniture
Stylish and functional outdoor seating is a must, but patm ...

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Wednesday, June 1, 2022   /   by Bell Home Team

6 Summer Maintenance Tasks to Save Money

After what feels like the longest ever stretch of months stuck indoors, summer—glorious summer—is finally upon us. But before you get too comfy and curl up in a hammock with a delicious blended beverage, know that there are a few things you really should check off your to-do list first.
Yes, that’s right: We hate to be a drag, but in between barbecues and beach days, you still need to stay on top of maintenance around the home. Otherwise you might find yourself with big problems down the line—and big repair costs.
But don’t worry: We’re here to help you prioritize the tasks that’ll keep things running smoothly through the scorching months ahead, and get you back to your summer soirees ASAP.
1. Summer Maintenance: power-wash your house

Power washing your exterior can bring big bucks when it’s time to sell.
“If most of your entertaining will be done outdoors, now is a great time to power-wash the deck, pool area, patm ...

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Wednesday, June 1, 2022   /   by Bell Home Team

Perk Up Your Patio With These DIY Tips

So you’re a little late to the outdoor party, but now that the unofficial start of summer is here, you’re realizing that you need to deck out your patio for what will undoubtedly feel like the best summer ever. But if you’re hoping to score a bargain, after a year of shortages and unexpected expenses, you’re probably out of luck.
Rather than spending hundreds or even thousands of dollars on brand-new decor for your favorite outdoor space, why not make it yourself? We spoke with design and DIY experts from all over to uncover some pretty patio pieces you can easily—and cheaply—put together. Here are six of our favorite DIY projects that will refresh your outdoor space—all in a single weekend.
Outdoor sectional

Hoping to add more seating to your patio this season? Look no further than this easy and cheap DIY outdoor sectional from Kinda Sorta Simple. Made entirely with two-by-fours, this is an affordable project you can easily tackm ...

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Friday, May 13, 2022   /   by Bell Home Team

Easy DIY Home Decor

Most people want a beautiful home. However, the process of making your home beautiful can often feel overwhelming and intimidating. If you don’t have the budget to hire a team to redecorate and renovate your whole house, you’re going to have to get comfortable trying some DIY.
But don’t let that worry you. With some thrifty tricks, elbow grease, a little design research, the help of an interior design app, and a passion to make your home feel more nested and reflective of you, anyone can create and implement their own home decor. Here are some tips to get you started.
First Things First: Stay Safe
The most important thing to remember when planning and completing a DIY project is to stay safe. A safety-first mindset is the most important part of any DIY project. If you aren’t experienced with DIY, you can be more prone to mistakes, so use these tips to stay safe.
Appropriate Clothing
There are a few major do’s and don'ts for clothing while doing DIY prs ...

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Tuesday, May 3, 2022   /   by Bell Home Team

5 Outdoor Decor Trends For This Summer

Even with the outside world opening back up, many of us have found new comfort in staying at home. Backyard dinner parties, fire-pit nights, drinks on the deck—you name it, there are so many summertime favorites that really don’t require going anywhere, especially if you have a great outdoor space.
And if you don’t? Well, we’re here to help with that.
To get a little inspiration for making your backyard into an oasis you actually won’t want to leave this summer, we consulted with the pros at design retailer Living Spaces. They gave us the scoop on the most searched outdoor decor and design ideas of the season, and we’re here to share a few of our favorites.
Here are five absolute must-haves in your outdoor space this summer, and all the details on where to get them.
1. Outdoor trend: indoor-outdoor spaces

One of the best ways to make your outdoor spaces feel irresistibly cozy this season is by making them feel like they&rsqm ...

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