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Wellness Living Takes Center Stage in Real Estate: A Holistic Outlook for 2024

Friday, January 26, 2024   /   by Bell Home Team

Wellness Living Takes Center Stage in Real Estate: A Holistic Outlook for 2024

As we delve into the anticipated trends and economic dynamics of the 2024 real estate market, a captivating focus emerges on the often-neglected realm of mental well-being and health. In the midst of discussions about Himalayan salt saunas, the ascent of wellness communities, and the wellness potential of Pantone's designated Color of the Year for 2024, a discernible shift is evident, highlighting the real estate landscape's growing emphasis on prioritizing wellness.

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Since the global onset of the pandemic in 2020, the significance of a home's comfort and functionality has reached new heights.  Though we are all glad to be able to get out to restaurants to enjoy a meal again and transition our closets back to clothing storage as opposed to impromptu office space, the emphasis on home comfort, functionality, and wellness hasn’t disappeared.  This emphasis has given rise to entire communities designed around the concept of holistic living.

For years, homebuyers sought residences in well-rounded communities, often governed by homeowners associations (HOAs), offering amenities like pools, tennis courts, and game rooms. However, contemporary preferences now extend beyond the conventional. Enter wellness communities, where the allure transcends HOA benefits to encompass unique offerings such as pickleball courts, spas, blueberry picking, and Himalayan salt saunas. Is "wellness living" just a passing trend, or does the growing interest in these communities signal a substantial shift in lifestyle preferences?


According to data, wellness communities prioritize both physical and mental health. Residents not only engage in regular exercise for increased energy and reduced health risks but also benefit from dedicated programs and facilities for meditation, yoga, and mindfulness, fostering self-awareness and stress reduction.

Amenities in established wellness communities vary widely. For instance, The Park in Santa Monica, CA, provides everyday conveniences alongside unique features like a Himalayan salt sauna, meditation rooms, and a 1-acre rooftop with a pool, garden, and dog park. The emphasis on community is evident, with regular events promoting social and mental well-being. Other common amenities include a wellness spa, sensory gardens, hiking trails, park spaces, and community centers.


What's it like to live in a wellness community? According to a resident in Winter Garden, FL, the daily use of community amenities, including a 30-plus-mile rail trail, makes it effortless to maintain a healthy lifestyle.  Though there may seem to be minimal disadvantages to having easy spa and hiking-trail access, a few drawbacks do present themselves in these communities.  Main downsides include a lack of diversity due to attracting individuals of similar demographics, interests, and lifestyles, as well as higher cost of living and stricter rules and regulations to abide by.

While Onondaga County may not boast a headline-titled wellness community, several HOA communities, like Radisson in Baldwinsville, subtly embrace the wellness ambiance. Radisson features wellness facilities such as a community garden, sports courts, a heated pool, various parks with pavilions and hiking trails, and even a boat launch into the Seneca River for water sport activities such as kayaking and canoeing.


If committing to an entire wellness-themed community feels beyond reach, consider infusing your existing space with Pantone's 2024 Color of the Year: Peach Fuzz. Pantone describes this year’s “IT” color as, “A cozy peach hue softly nestled between pink and orange, Peach Fuzz brings belonging, inspires recalibration, and an opportunity for nurturing, conjuring up an air of calm, offering us a space to be, feel, and heal and to flourish from whether spending time with others or taking the time to enjoy a moment by ourselves.”  But how does this affect your health and wellness?  According to trend expert, Fawn Chang, who has a background in design psychology and interiors, “Our emotions, behavior and decisions are directly influenced by color”.  That being said, Peach-Fuzz is considered to give interiors a sunny glow, and can radiate a joyful-vibe with uplifting, happy, social, and playful energy, ultimately nurturing mental well-being.

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As the real estate landscape evolves, wellness living stands at the forefront, offering a holistic perspective on home and community. Whether through dedicated wellness communities or subtle incorporations of wellness in existing spaces through color, the trend emphasizes the enduring importance of physical and mental well-being in the places we call home.