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Welcome Howard Triche to the Bell Home Team!

Friday, October 29, 2021   /   by Bell Home Team

Welcome Howard Triche to the Bell Home Team!

The #BELLHomeTeam is extremely happy to introduce Howard Triche as our newest member!

As a longtime real estate investor, Howard brings an immense level of market knowledge to the team. The perfect blend of innate curiosity coupled with a driving desire to learn give this Syracuse native a unique and focused perspective on the real estate market and its part in our communities. And being a natural collaborator allows Howard to achieve his goal of not only aiding his clients through their transactions, but also taking the time to educate them on the process and ensure calm reassurance in their real estate decisions.

In his free time, Howard has enthusiasm for fitness and keeping his body as sharp as his mind. He also enjoys working with his favorite charities as well as spending time with his wife and 2 kids and has been known to get bit by the wanderlust bug and set out for travel. The BELL Home Team is happy to welcome Howard with open arms and are excited for his talents to shine!