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Prep Your Home for Winter with These Easy Tips

Monday, December 5, 2022   /   by Katherine Clare Bell

Prep Your Home for Winter with These Easy Tips

Your Checklist for Avoiding Potential Cold-Weather Issues

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That chill is in the air… so that means it’s time to protect your home-sweet-home from the elements of WINTER in the Northeast.

1. Gutters & Hoses

It’s easy to forget that there may have been leaves amassing in your gutters these last few months of fall even if you can’t see them. Make space for potential ice in the gutters by checking that they have been cleared out completely. As for your hoses, drain them and house them in a shed or garage. And turn the spigot off at the interior access point to prevent any bursts when the temps get VERY low!

2. Furnace Checks

While you’re getting your HVAC system tuned up to run properly through the chilly season so you can stay cozy and warm, be sure to have the system checked for any carbon monoxide leaks. You and your loved ones will be spending more time inside so you need to ensure the environment is safe. Many people cannot smell potential gas leaks, so be on the prudent side and just get the system checked out by a professional.

3. ‘Chim-Chiminy, Chim-Chiminy, Chim-Chim Chiree…’

We all know the song… but do we keep up on getting our fireplaces clean and safe? Plain and simple: chimneys, fireplaces, and vents shall be inspected at least once a year for soundness, freedom from deposits, and correct clearances.

4. Make Sure Windows & Doors Are Free of Leaks

If replacing a drafty window is out of the budget, another way to prevent a draft from windows is with plastic weatherstripping. Install it along the side sashes and instantly improve the window's insulation from outside temperatures. A draft stopper or draft snake is one of the most simple ways to block cold air from coming in through your window.

Same goes for doors: weatherstripping or draft-guards can help keep the cold air out if you don’t want to install unsightly insulation or feel the need to replace the door quite yet. And a simple tip: anytime you close the door, lock the deadbolt to strengthen the door's seal.

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