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Indulging Our Furry Friends: Lavish Pet Amenities For Your Home

Friday, January 12, 2024   /   by Bell Home Team

Indulging Our Furry Friends: Lavish Pet Amenities For Your Home

Our love for pets knows no bounds, but have you ever wondered just how much we're willing to spend to ensure Fluffy and Fido live in the lap of luxury? According to reports, an increasing number of homeowners are investing significantly in tailor-made amenities to spoil their pets’ rotten. From cozy nooks for large breeds to wall-spanning walkways for adventurous cats, these opulent additions seem to be an ongoing trend.

However, before you embark on a spending spree for your pampered pet, it's essential to note that, according to Tony Mariotti, a real estate agent and founder of RubyHome in Los Angeles, these fancy pet amenities might not offer a substantial return on investment. While undeniably convenient, they don't increase your home's size or enhance major systems like HVAC or electrical.

Nevertheless, if you're determined to treat your fur baby like royalty, let's explore some of the more extravagant pet amenities available. Who knows, you might find the perfect addition for your beloved companion!

Puppy Bath and Spa
A dedicated dog shower might seem extravagant, but for owners of larger breeds like golden retrievers or labs, it could be a necessity.  After hours out playing in the mud and muck of the great outdoors, these designated doggie wash stations prove to be incredibly beneficial.

This trend has taken to new builds as well, and can be seen in mudrooms and garage entry ways that are mindfully tiled and easily cleanable for optimum longevity and maintenance.

Dog Water Spout
Simplify pet hydration with a pet bowl water spigot, particularly helpful for large dogs or if you have a pack of your own. Ideal if located near a water source in the laundry room or as part of the kitchen island.

Napping Nook
Carved out of unused spaces like under the stairs or in a closet, dedicated snooze zones provide a cozy retreat for your pets. It's also an excellent way to train them to sleep in specific areas.

Kitty Hideaway
All cat lovers know that our feline friends love their secret lairs.
  We love them too, and a kitty-shaped cutout takes a cat nap nook to another level. Designate a pet-friendly room, such as a mudroom or entryway, to contain their activities (this could also help with controlling where a huge portion of shedding ends up).

Deluxe Dog House
When you think of a dog house, it usually doesn’t include a shingled roof and covered porch.  However, this doggie set up creates an outdoor haven, and even includes an enclosed dog run.  Cats, on the other hand, now enjoy "catios"—deluxe patios tailored for feline enjoyment.


Custom Cat Run
Tired of cats on kitchen counters? This savvy homeowner crafted an indoor cat jungle gym using reclaimed wood and carpet pieces to provide a safe space for her kitty to jump around.
  No need to worry about the cat falling on a hot stove with these lux jungle gyms.

Luxury Beds
Most pet products are cheaply made, aestetically unappealing, and overpriced, ultimately downgrading the rooms where they live.
  If you’re a pet lover, you’re going to end up buying pet beds anyways, so why not opt for high-end pet beds that complement your room’s design while supporting your pet's orthopedic needs.  Just because you have four legged friends living in your home doesn’t mean you have to compromise on your décor vibe.

Feeding Station
This is another innovative design to behold in new builds in CNY.
  Smart kitchen and mudroom organization can be achieved with a slide-out drawer for dog bowls and a large bin for kibble.  Genius!!!  This custom fix not only saves space but also minimizes mess and stress.

Fancy Fish Tanks
For those passionate about our less vocal, aquatic friends, we could never forget about home aquariums.  For a supped-up salt water wonderland, be prepared to invest in a large aquarium that can cost upwards of $10,000. These stunning fish tanks can elevate a room with vibrant colors and exotic sea life.

While these lavish pet amenities may not be the wisest financial investment, they undoubtedly contribute to the happiness of your furry friends, and can boost functionality to everyday living. As you explore these options, remember that the best return on investment is the joy and well-being of your cherished pets.