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How To Make Christmas More Than One Day!

Wednesday, December 6, 2023   /   by Adele Cole-Brown

How To Make Christmas More Than One Day!


Many years ago, when I became the official “maker” of Christmas for my family, I would find myself sliding into Christmas Eve and Day with everyone enjoying themselves and me feeling like I missed Christmas all together. So, I decided to make some changes and that change became making the entire month of December my Christmas.  How? Let me show you. Screenshot 2023-12-06 142027.png1.) Make a calendar.  Put every single task you need to accomplish by 12/24 on there.  Then go over all of that and eliminate anything you can do without or delegate.  Pare that calendar down!  I know you have heard and seen this everywhere, but have you ever actually done it?
2.) Create spaces for you throughout the month to enjoy Christmas.  This is VERY important.  It does not have to be something elaborate that requires the Rockettes, but it can be as simple as:

  • Watching a Hallmark movie or many Hallmark movies, along with any movie that says Christmas to you.  You should be seated for its entirety along with a beverage that takes you back.
  • Baking cookies for the sake of the bake, rather than for an entire town or state.
  • Having lunch with a good friend in a restaurant that really, really went overboard in decorating for Santa.
  • If you want a real tree, make a morning or afternoon of that.  A Pancake Breakfast (or items of your favorite choice) right in your own kitchen or your favorite breakfast hangout.  Do not rush through it.  Dress appropriately and enjoy the outdoors with your family. OR if an artificial tree is your preference, carve out a space to decorate it with your loved ones or alone if that is what you prefer.
  • If you are into Christmas Music, have it everywhere you go.  Sing along.  Be young again.
  • If you can donate goods, do so.  If you can donate your time, do that.
  • You get the idea.  Now make it happen.  Everyone can do at least one thing that takes them away to their childhood and find the spirit of Christmas again.

The Point?  Choose pockets of times for yourself that jogs your memory and brings you back to the Christmas Season.  Then when Christmas is over you will feel like you actually celebrated it, rather than just cross tasks off your list. 

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