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Elevate Your Home Style: A Forecast for 2024 Trends

Thursday, December 7, 2023   /   by Bell Home Team

Elevate Your Home Style: A Forecast for 2024 Trends

Are you a trendsetter, not a trend follower? Stay ahead of the curve with exclusive predictions from Zillow Group for the hottest home design trends in 2024. They've analyzed nearly 300 home features and design styles, identifying keywords that are dominating for-sale listings on platforms like Zillow, Realtor.com, and Redfin. From timeless aesthetics to post-pandemic innovations, discover the emerging trends that will shape the homes of tomorrow.


1. Embrace the Bold: Brutalism Returns
In 2024, brace yourself for the bold resurgence of mid-20th-century brutalist design. Zillow has noted a staggering 452% surge in for-sale listings mentioning brutalist elements. Characterized by raw aesthetics such as blackened steel casement windows and exposed concrete floors, this style offers a modern, functional, and sustainable allure. Whether it's patinated bronze light fixtures or wrought iron accessories, infuse your space with a subtle touch of edginess.


2. Connect with Nature: Sensory Gardens Take Center Stage
Sensory gardens and pathways are capturing hearts with a remarkable 314% increase in mentions on Zillow listings. Thoughtfully designed to engage all five senses, these gardens bring nature into your home. Explore a blend of plants, textures, colors, scents, sounds, and even edible elements, creating a captivating experience for homeowners and potential buyers alike.


3. Wellness Oasis: Cold Plunge Pools Are In
Move over hot tubs, and make way for the coolest wellness trend of 2024—cold plunge pools. Witnessing a 130% surge in listings, these invigorating pools are embraced for their circulation-boosting, inflammation-reducing, and endorphin-boosting benefits. Once a luxury reserved for spas, cold plunge pools are now an accessible project for DIY enthusiasts, transforming wellness practices at home.


4. Game On: Pickleball Courts for Every Home
Experience the thrill of pickleball right in your backyard! This fast-paced paddle sport is making waves, with a 100% increase in StreetEasy's for-sale listings highlighting proximity to pickleball courts in New York City. Nationally, Zillow reports a 64% rise in pickleball references, making it a sought-after amenity. Joy Kim Metalios, a Zillow Premier Agent partner, notes its appeal to athletes of all ages, becoming the latest entertaining feature akin to outdoor kitchens or pizza ovens.


5. Illuminate with Elegance: Murano Glass Chandeliers Shine Bright
Screenshot 2023-12-07 093014.png
Handcrafted on the Italian island of Murano, these colorful glass chandeliers are reclaiming the spotlight with a 58% increase in for-sale listings. Dive into the allure of these intricate, quirky, and vibrant pieces to add a touch of sophistication to your home.


6. Personality Packed: Murals Make a Statement
Bid farewell to bland interiors and welcome personality-packed homes with an 18% increase in murals appearing in for-sale listings. From eclectic to maximalist, these statement-making murals dial up the drama in living spaces. Explore a world of options with widely available wallpaper murals depicting large-scale landscapes to modern botanicals.


Watch Out for Changing Tides: Trends Fading Away


1. Shou Sugi Ban: A Farewell to Burnt Wood
Once a staple in modern farmhouse design, the traditional Japanese wood preservation technique, Shou Sugi Ban, is on the decline. Zillow notes a 69% decrease in listings featuring this burnt-wood cladding compared to last year.


2. The "Cloffice": A Short-Lived Trend
Born out of necessity during the pandemic, the "cloffice" (closet-turned-office) is making a quiet exit. Experiencing a 54% decrease in Zillow listings, this trend reflects a shift away from makeshift workspaces within closets. Zoom rooms and office sheds also see declines of 41% and 31%, respectively.


3. Tuscan Kitchens: A Mediterranean Farewell
As travel regains momentum, homeowners are bidding adieu to Tuscan kitchens. Mentions of these Mediterranean-inspired spaces have decreased by 45%, signaling a shift away from past or aspirational travel-inspired designs.


Stay ahead of the curve and explore these exciting trends to elevate your home in 2024. When you see these new trends flood your social feeds in 2024, remember where you heard it first, BELL Home Team.