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Easy Spring Cleaning Tips (For Those Who Hate Cleaning)

Friday, March 4, 2022   /   by Bell Home Team

Easy Spring Cleaning Tips (For Those Who Hate Cleaning)

Like with running a marathon, spring cleaning sounds far more alluring in theory than it does in practice. Sure, the impending arrival of marginally bearable weather certainly makes us all want to better ourselves — and in turn, our spaces — but in reality, the very process of purging your home of dirt and clutter is no small undertaking. In fact, it’s a two-tiered process: Not only does your traditional spring cleaning journey require that you comb through all the excess stuff you’ve accumulated, but you’ll also have to actually clean.

For those of you who truly detest cleaning (we hear you), how do you enjoy the rewards of spring cleaning without perishing in the process? Here are a few efficient, low-effort tips for a good, proper spring cleaning session — designed for people who hate cleaning.


Use microfiber to dust & clean

Microfiber is a special kind of synthetic fiber that’s split into ultra-fine strands — and when they’re woven together into a cloth, it becomes super porous. All that absorbing power helps you remove dirt and dust efficiently when you’re cleaning furniture — or any surface, really — rather than just pushing filth around in circles (like you might with a paper towel).

Better yet, you can throw microfiber towels in the washing machine so you’ll be able to use them for years — which means you’ll save money and precious environmental resources.

Invest in smart cleaning gadgets

Let the smart home gadgets and robots clean for you! With an ever-growing supply of smart cleaning gadgets, you can let the vacuuming be done for you. Don’t want to clean the litter box? Invest in a smart self-cleaning box that does the dirty work for you. From vacuums and mops to smart trash cans, smart gadgets are only making life easier.

Clean the Air!

Spring is the perfect time to do an air quality check in your home. First, change your HVAC filter every season. Next, invest in an air quality monitor that can test for radon and other harmful contaminants in the air — just to be safe. And you can go the extra mile with light bulbs that can actually kill germs — like the specialty bulbs (available at most standard hardware stores) that can neutralize any germs or odors they encounter while switched on.

Stick to multi-use cleaning tools

Think about it: If you’ve got one tool in hand that allows you to tackle all kinds of different surfaces or problem areas in your home, you’ll certainly make it through more tasks at faster rates. Try a vacuum-mop combo.

Make a playlist

Maintaining momentum while you’re knee-deep in a seemingly endless cleaning project is no small feat. Lean into anything at all that’ll make your spring cleaning venture a bit more pleasurable. Put together an upbeat playlist of your own and make it fun!

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