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Bell Home Team Becomes Independent Brokerage!

Friday, June 11, 2021   /   by Bell Home Team

Bell Home Team Becomes Independent Brokerage!

We are extremely happy to announce the #BELLHomeTeam has been awarded licensing through the State of New York as a brokerage! You have known the BELL Home Team name for years, and this change will in no way alter the top-rate service that you have come to trust. In fact, establishing this brokerage will improve our ability to help our communities by keeping 100% of our proceeds, and focus LOCAL!

Licensed in 2005, Katherine Clare Bell has worked to build a business with one clear goal: to serve the communities of Central New York with a “servant’s heart”. Clients are never just a transaction, but actual people, with needs and goals. Over time that goal grew into more than what one person alone could accomplish. Katherine continued to ally with like-minded agents and individuals, and the Bell Home Team was born. Incorporated in 2016, and now an independent brokerage in 2021, the BELL Home Team is nearing over 1,000 clients served.

This feat could not have been accomplished without the amazing support of our loyal clients, friends, and this community that we love. You will always have our promise to put your needs first, and to serve you with only the absolute highest degree of care, expertise, and love. Thank you, Central New York, we truly appreciate you!