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9 Affordable, Quick and Easy Fall Decorating Ideas

Friday, October 6, 2023   /   by Bell Home Team

9 Affordable, Quick and Easy Fall Decorating Ideas

 Have you ever felt like decorating your house for each season was just craziness? Like it was just way too much work? All mess and no fun? 

Uh-huh. Been there. Done that. Especially as a blogger who feels the need to create new decor ideas in every season. 

BUT… Did you know that decorating for each new season doesn’t have to turn into a full-blown redecorating job? 

That you don’t actually have to pull every single thing down to start over? (Although if you really want to, go ahead. Just don’t blame me for the mess!)


9 Affordable, Quick and Easy Fall Decorating Ideas

 Easy fall decorating is just as simple (and inexpensive) as adding a few autumn accents to existing decor:

1. Stock up

Buy realistic looking artificial leaves and fall berry garlands whenever you see them for a good price, to use year to year. Weave them into bookshelves and hutches when you’re decorating for fall.

2. Buy faux pumpkins on sale

Look at places like Michaels and Homesense (Homegoods) at the end of the season and put them away for the next year. Place them at different heights on cake stands and candlesticks.

3. Make Your Own Banners and Garlands

Make simple scrapbook paper banners or burlap fall banners like we did. String them over a fireplace mantel or a doorway.

4. DIY Some Pumpkins

Homemade Cinderella pumpkins are super simple ways to introduce more texture to a bowl full of rattan balls and pine cones.

5. Or Use Real Pumpkins and Gourds

Baby boo mini white pumpkins make inexpensive groupings on shelves or at individual place settings.


6. Fill Up a Tray

How about our giganterrific (look at me, making up words!) Homesense square coffee table tray. It has held many things in the middle of our coffee table, including books, a vintage crock filled with unsightly remotes, a burlap wreath, faux green apples in a bowl, etc. 


7. Go with Candle Light

My favorite though was when it was filled with a plethora of candles (most found at Ikea) one fall (and to which in the winter we added some greenery). For fall last year, we used the same collection of pillar candles, and simple added a faux berry/leaf garland we had on hand from Dollarama, as well as a few baby boo white pumpkins from the grocery store.


Instant autumn!

8. Use Something Not In the Way it Was Intended

Our cheapy ($10) Superstore bread basket was updated for fall too – by mixing our Cinderella Pumpkins in with the pine cones and fake berries! Of course, you could use it for actual bread too, if you wanted! 


9. Fill It Up

And these great chicken wire cloches (found marked down to $8 each at Michael’s from $39 each!) are more subtly fall – spruced up with twine, rustic balls and metal letter cutouts. You could fill them with baby boos, or a wee bit of hay and a larger pumpkin. Or maybe even some small vintage books? You could also do the same sort of thing with pharmacy style glass cloches or other containers.


I’m sure there are many more affordable, easy fall decorating ideas too. But these nine should get you started!